In the year I started the project, the whole concept of blogs was quite new in The Netherlands, and the 'multicultural society' was in the news a lot (and still is). A few newspapers picked up on the 80 meals project and one journalist even spent part of the evening with me during the Moroccan meal.

Volkskrant Magazine 2006. The picture is some random stock photo, not my laptop, couch or leg!
Ublad 2006. Interview for Utrecht University's student newspaper.
AD/Utrechts Nieuwsblad 2006. The journalist and photographer visited my friend Fatiha when she cooked Moroccan couscous for me. She said she had a few friends asked afterwards: "So you like potatoes more than couscous?!"
Telegraaf 2006. Newspaper not normally known for its positive views on the 'multicultural society'. In the end, they arranged for pics to be taken at an Ethiopian restaurant; the German host of that evening's meal was not exotic enough!

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